We love indoor plants. They brighten our homes and transform spaces into relaxing and beautiful retreats. During winter, we love their lush green leaves even more, bringing the outside in on those days when it’s too cold to venture forth.

Over the colder months, however, the needs of our indoor plants can change. Follow our tips below to keep them happy and healthy.

Water sparingly
Unless you’ve got the the heating cranked up high all day, every day, your plants will require less water over the colder months than through summer. You can test them to see if they need watering by pushing your fingers into the soil. If it’s dry, you can water, if it’s damp, there’s no need to. Check them often to make sure they’re not sitting in water too – otherwise this will lead to root rot. Tip out any excess water to avoid this.

Give them light!
Grey winter days mean a lot less light for our lovely plants. Where you can, position them so they’re still getting the light they need. Move them into a well-lit room or near a window. If they live in a darker room, let them soak up a few hours of sunshine by placing them in a brighter room or outside for a few hours every other week. Just don’t forget to bring them in again, especially if they don’t do well in frost or colder climates!

Dust off those leaves
Your plants need to breathe too. Winter is the perfect time to dust off leaves in order to allow for maximum photosynthesis and respiration. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth and check again every few weeks or so.

Mist with water
If you enjoy central heating or use a reverse air conditioner and your plant is located near a heating duct, you may need to mist the leaves occasionally to increase the humidity. Simply purchase a small spray bottle, fill with water and keep it by your plants so you remember when walking past. This is a super simple way to counteract the drying qualities of heaters during winter and amp up their moisture. You can also group plants together to increase the humidity.

Which plants to choose?
There are lots of wonderful varieties of plants that do well indoors. You’ll need to choose something depending on your unique home and levels of light and humidity. For example, some plants do well in the bathroom while others prefer a drier climate. Some do well with very low levels of light while others need plenty of it. Some of our favourites include the String of Pearls, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Rubber Plant, String of Hearts, Succulents, Cacti, Peace Lily’s or Maidenhair Ferns. If you’re after a plant for a particular spot in your home, visit us at the nursery and we can help you choose the perfect one.

If you have any questions or would like some advice on how to keep your indoor plants looking their best, come in and ask away. We’d love to help you create the indoor haven you’ve been dreaming of.

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