A little touch of greenery brings Christmas gifts to life. Bring the outdoors in with these simple and stylish festive wrapping ideas. We’ve curated our favourites to help you feel inspired and get started.

What you’ll need:

·        Scissors

·        Wrapping paper (we love kraft or white)

·        Twine

·        Sticky tape (get creative with metallic washi tape)

·        Greenery


Simple Style

Greenery pairs perfect with any colour wrapping paper but we particularly love it alongside craft or white with classic twine. The options are endless if you’re looking for a simple sprig or stem to add to your gift. Once you’ve wrapped your present, it’s as simple as threading the greenery through the tied ribbon or twine such as Beth Kirby from Local Milk has done below or  take it one step further and line up your small twigs beneath some copper, gold or silver wire, as shown in the beautiful creation from Weekday Carnival (above). Perfection.


Just add rosemary

Rosemary not only looks lovely and reminiscent of fir tree or pine, but it also has the added benefit of smelling gorgeous. It’s the perfect scent to fill the home with in the lead up to Christmas. You can use it in mini wreaths, in table settings, to tie up napkins or, of course, in your gift wrapping. Below, Abi from These Four Walls has experimented with all sorts of foliage in gift wrapping (below). You can take inspiration and create the same look with a few sprigs of rosemary.


Make it personal

We love this gift wrapping idea from Artifact Uprising. Take inspiration and add a photo, polaroid or Instagram print to your gift wrapping to personalise it for the gift receiver. Keep it simple and finish with a small stem attached with washi tape to bring it to life.


Gift bags

Gift bags are the perfect option for homemade gifts or gift wrapping on the go. Embrace your inner DIY lover and turn a simple kraft or white bag into something unique by stamping a message onto it. Hole punch a hole through the top, thread through some twine and tie some greenery alongside. Check out the full tutorial from The Beauty Dojo here.



These are just a few simple ideas to get you started. Play around with materials, head to your local park and forage for some twigs, branches and greenery. Grab some twine and wrapping paper and get started.
We’ve got lots more gift wrapping accessories and decorations in store. Drop in and find some more inspiration in the nursery. See you soon!