We were lucky enough to chat to the beautiful Lola Berry – nutritionist, yoga teacher, author of health inspiring cook books and owner of Happy Place in South Melbourne Market. Lola believes in the healing power of mother nature and knows the importance of connecting with nature and we love her for it!

You’re such an inspiration in the health and wellness space. What has your journey been like to get here?
It’s been loads of fun but there’s been heaps of ups and downs, plenty of stuff ups and lesson learnt along the way. But you know what, I wouldn’t take any of it back because it’s all what’s made me who I am and I’d like to think that’s the real-deal.
I still feel like there’s so much to explore and create so I’m just soaking up as much as humanly possible!

What do you love most about what you do?
Meeting and working with cool souls. I reckon real hearts are super rare, you know when you meet someone and things just feel right around them. Well I fell like I get to meet some pretty ace souls and that makes me really happy. Inspiring people is my passion but I’ve learnt that you have to inspire yourself before you can even begin to inspire someone else.

Who or what inspires you?
Anyone who’s living their truth unapologetically. It’s so awesome, you know when you see it, it’s like an energy you can feel.
Also, Steve Irwin, he’s my hero, along with my dad. Dad always taught me to ‘kick goals girl”

Do you grow your own herbs and vegetables? What do you love about growing your own food?
I love growing herbs and using them in my cooking, I think they taste best when you grow them yourself.

We are big believers in eating fresh and seasonal wholefoods (especially when they’re grown in your own backyard!). Why is diet and nutrition so important?
I think when you choose to nourish yourself the body thrives and you not only look pretty amazing but you feel your best, you have a clear mind, you’re happier and I think that’s the bottom line. We want to be our best and feel happy, it’s all about living up to your full potential and honouring your health is a key player to achieving that.

We believe life should be lived in beautiful and inspiring spaces. What are your must-haves when creating a beautiful and inspiring space?
Well my favourite word in the entire world is “Biophilia” which refers to the healing power of mother nature on human beings. So I think anything that involved mother nature is pretty awesome. Even if you live in a city, creating that space inside is doable too. I’m also a bit of a hippie so I love crystals, dream catchers and prayer flags in my space.

How important is spending time in nature for you? How often do you get outside?
Very, I take my love of “Biophilia’ pretty seriously and try to make sure I see mother nature every day. I love to smell flowers, touch tree bark and soak up all of mother nature has to offer. I find it centering and grounding, much like mediation, it just brings you back to you.

Favourite plant or flower and why?
I love ferns, because I learnt in Hawaii the legend of the fern, and it’s that it represents the unraveling of a journey. I reckon that’s pretty special because a fern looks so pretty both rolled up and spread out and it reminds me to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.

Favourite way to spend a Sunday?
A bit of yoges, a green smoothie, a bit of mother nature, hanging with my dog (I also love animals) and visiting Happy Place the smoothie bar I’m an owner of.

What’s next for you? What are you looking forward to?
I’m currently working on my next manuscript, so that’s really exciting, then I’d like to see happy place come to life in Sydney and then I’d love to try and open it in America one day, so here’s to dreaming!

To check out more of Lola’s awesomeness look her up on website and instagram


All beautiful images from Lola Berry